«We are aiming at making efficacious immunotherapeutics designed to serve patients in need for better, safer, life-saving medicines.»

Roger Nitsch, MD, President

RTM™ Technology Platform

Reverse Translational Medicine™ (RTM™) is Neurimmune’s proprietary technology platform. It is based on the scientific understanding and high-throughput analyses of human immune responses to disease-related proteins in selected populations including elderly with the capability to stay healthy during the aging process.

Neurimmune’s recombinant human monoclonal antibody therapeutics combine the full complement of advantages provided by human affinity maturation and tolerance selection. These processes are biologically optimized through evolutionary processes over millions of years providing unsurpassed efficacy and safety in human subjects. Neurimmune’s molecular engineering technology preserves favorable immunobiological features of human-derived antibodies creating an entirely novel generation of highly optimized biopharmaceutical drugs.

With their superior biophysical, pharmacological and safety properties, Neurimmune’s therapeutic antibodies combine first-in-class with best-in-class potential. As a result, they provide considerable advantages over competing products generated by conventional target-to-lead development cycles commonly applied by the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Neurimmune‘s RTM™ Antibody Properties
High affinity human antibodies – 100% human in sequence
Evolutionarily optimized – affinity matured by the human immune system
Epitope selection guided by human immune tolerance
Absent binding to native physiological precursor
Selected for absent on- and off-target side effects
Preserved antibody pairing – native heavy and light chain combination
Lowest expected immunogenicity
«Quasi phase II products»: cDNA isolated from human B-cells
Short time-to-market: Rapid hit-to-lead process for antibody families