Our Business

Neurimmune's team of scientists and clinical experts is committed to delivering innovative therapies by focusing on science-driven discoveries and early clinical development of new drug candidates. The company's entrepreneurial business model permits independent decision making similar to a family-run enterprise. It relies on strategic collaborations with selected industry partners for late-stage clinical development and commercialization providing independent financing to fund business operations and Neurimmune's research and development engine.

At Neurimmune, we focus on the discovery and development of human therapeutic antibodies and other treatment modalities such as small molecules and vectorized antibodies. Partnering and licensing are a key part of Neurimmune's commitment to successfully develop innovative product candidates. Neurimmune has partnered selected programs with Biogen, TVM Capital and Eli Lilly's Chorus unit as well as with Ono Pharmaceutical. In addition, Neurimmune has entered into various research collaborations with academic groups and biotech companies.

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