November 10, 2015

Neurimmune’s data on its broadly neutralizing human monoclonal JC polyomavirus VP1–specific antibodies as candidate therapeutics for PML published in Science Translational Medicine

Based on its RTMTM technology platform, Neurimmune successfully generated a series of memory B cell–derived JCPyV VP1–specific human monoclonal antibodies from healthy donors and patients with natalizumab-associated PML–immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS). These antibodies exhibited diverse binding affinity, cross-reactivity with the closely related BK polyomavirus, recognition of PML-causing VP1 variants, and JCPyV neutralization. Antibodies with exquisite specificity for JCPyV, neutralizing activity, recognition of all tested JCPyV PML variants, and high affinity were derived through Neurimmune's RTMTM technology. These antibodies are promising drug candidates for the development of a treatment of PML.