Neurimmune’s business strategy focuses on the discovery and development of human-derived antibodies through RTM™ at an early stage of the pharmaceutical value chain and partnering product candidates targeting significant markets and unmet medical needs with leading biopharmaceutical companies for later-stage development and marketing.

Neurimmune’s technology platform allows the rapid identification of safe, optimized human antibodies, and the RTM™ translational medicine process enables the rapid and cost-effective attainment of proof of concept. Neurimmune continues to extend and apply its RTM™ technology platform to identify prime therapeutic antibody candidates. Neurimmune’s business development is fueled by the unsurpassed productivity of its automated antibody production platform running at a continuous 24/7 pace and producing more than 100 new high-quality recombinant human monoclonal antibodies.

Aligning our partnering activities with our efficient drug discovery technology allows for advancing these drugs in our core therapeutic areas through early proof-of-concept to key preclinical inflection points, where a significant partnership can be formed with biopharmaceutical companies that bring complimentary resources and capabilities to its development and commercialization.