«Five drug candidates from Neurimmune including an antibody for Parkinson's disease are in clinical testing phases and four are rapidly advancing towards the clinic.»

Natascha Schill, SVP

Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder characterized by the deposition of Lewy bodies in patient brains. Lewy bodies consist of aggregated alpha-synuclein proteins encapsulated within affected brain cells. During the pathological process of Lewy body pathology in Parkinson’s disease, alpha-synuclein can spread from cell to cell thereby increasing the extent of neuronal damage over time and resulting ultimately in the chronic progression of disease symptoms including rigidity or stiffness, akinesia or slow movements and tremor.

Neurimmune’s antibody BIIB054, acquired by Biogen, targets alpha-synuclein and removes it in brains of experimental animal models. BIIB054 is currently tested in clinical Phase 2 studies in patients with Parkinson’s disease.