Product Pipeline

Neurimmune’s early pipeline is filled with a number of exciting lead candidates for unmet medical needs. Our recombinant human-derived monoclonal antibody for the treatment and prevention of type-2 diabetes is moving rapidly through preclinical development. Related R&D programs on progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), neuropathy, Huntington’s disease and cardiomyopathy are developing rapidly thanks to successful collaborations with leading experts in these fields.

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Therapeutic AreaIndicationTargetPartnerDrugHit selectionLead selectionPreclinicalPhase 1/2Phase 3
CNS AD Biogen Aducanumab          
CNS PD α-syn Biogen BIIB054          
CNS AD tau Biogen BIIB076          
CNS FTLD TDP43 Biogen NI-205          
Metabolic T2D IAPP   NI-203          
Severe & Rare ALS SOD1   NI-204          
Severe & Rare Neuropathy & Cardiomyopathy  TTR   NI-301          
Severe & Rare HD  HTT   NI-302          
Severe & Rare PML  JCV   NI-307          
Severe & Rare FTLD / ALS  C9orf72  Biogen NI-308          
Oncology Cancer     NI-401          
Oncology Ovarian Cancer  Multiple   NI-402