Lab Insights: Immunotherapy for Type-2 diabetes

Neurimmune is pursuing the development of an innovative antibody-based program for the immunotherapy of type-2 diabetes, and generated a panel of therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies specifically targeting distinct conformational neo-epitopes of aggregated islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP) while sparing physiological monomeric IAPP. These human-derived antibodies bind with high affinities to pathological IAPP aggregates in tissue sections of pancreatic islets derived from patients with type-2 diabetes. The therapeutic efficacy of Neurimmune’s human IAPP antibodies has been validated in transgenic mouse models, together with improved glucose tolerance and insulin secretion. The program for the treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus is moving rapidly toward the proof-of-concept stage.

Targeting inflammation in diabetes | Strategies to increase pancreatic β-cell mass and function | International Diabetes Federation