Sardinia: The «Valley of the Centenarians»

While in Europe there are 80 centenarians for every million people, that number in Sardinia is 153. And while women outlive men by an average of six to seven years, men keep up here – notably still chopping wood or do arm wrestling at the age of 100. The reasons for this superior robustness are diverse. In addition to physical activity and a balanced diet, also less stress and sharing all work and worries in everyday’s life by both men and women are said to be helpful. In Sardinia, Karsten Thormaehlen met goatherds, wine growers, government officials, poets, and – the oldest family in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records: The nine surviving siblings of the Melis family - the youngest sister is 79, the oldest one is 105 - combine 808 years of life experience.

Permanent exhibition at Life Science Center Schlieren-Zurich, Switzerland